Raymond Mullikin's Jonathin Quackup

The other day I received a message from Raymond Mullikin, via Kickstarter. After reading his message, I decided to check out his Kickstarter page to see what kind of projects he did. When I landed on his page, I immediately saw his current project Jonathin Quackup: Issue #3 - The Deadly Journey!. And the cover image of that project blew me away. That image with the skeleton in the background and an apparently sorry character is so captivating that I was pulled to delve into the details of the project.

Once I delved into the details, I was greeted with a movie that made me excited about the third book in a series that I had never read before. Then I began to scroll down and read the details, and I was drawn even further selections of the previous works and the sample pages from the upcoming book. It was enough to keep me going reading through the reviews and the pledges. I ultimately decided to pledge ten dollars to this project, the level I chose will get me a copy of the three books letting me get the whole origin of Jonathin Quackup.

Then I went back to his list of projects and gave a cursory overview of those projects. And those previous projects all looked exciting, so I took a step back and opened a new browser and googled Raymond Mullikin. I found among other things the Facebook page for Raytoons and the company’s online store. From what I saw on all of these pages I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on these first three stories, and I will review them as I read them.

Please take some time to delve into the Jonathin Quackup and think about pledging something to his campaign.