My Upcoming Short Stories

I remember almost five years ago I bought a computer game called Torchlight from Amazon. A friend had recommended the game, and I decided it was time to give it a try, so I started a game. There are three classes for that game, the Vanquisher, the Destroyer and The Alchemist. I remember hearing that the Alchemist was akin to a mad scientist, at least in the broadest of definitions. So I leapt at the chance to play the Alchemist, and I gave him the name Harrison.

One of the interesting aspects of the game is that your character gets an animal companion right from the start. I chose the feline companion, and I came up with the name of Sylvia, I may have used the random name generator though at this point I honestly can’t remember how I chose the name of that companion. As I was playing that very first game, my mind began to seed the beginnings of a story. Looking back at that memory, I want to say that those initial thoughts bore early fruit. I had the idea of a partnership between a mad scientist and inventor and a woman who could assume any feline form she wanted.

It took time for me to craft that initial thought into a proper storyline, but I eventually managed to form a storyline I was happy to call my own. Though once I had that, I needed to decide how I would tell the tale of Harrison & Sylvia. With the storyline building in my mind, I began to think about how I would bring their tale to life. I bounced a few different ideas around in my mind, but I ultimately decided that a collection of short stories would be a fantastic way to explore this story. So I took that initial storyline that was floating in my mind, and I began to craft my collection of short stories.

Off and on over the last five years, I have been working on these stories. Granted the work on Harrison & Sylvia was mostly off but now close to five years after the initial concept I’m close to being finished with them. The stories are currently getting a once-over from a few people so I can have the best stories that I can possibly have. Once they have been reviewed, I’ll be folding in those suggestions into the final work. Then they will be ready for publication, and I already know how I want to publish them. In fact, the reason I chose to use short stories was due to how I wanted to bring them to the world. I’m planning on releasing them on my site over the course of a year, one story every month.

As I publish one of these short stories, I will post a News article linking to it. The accompanying article will include the story’s image and a brief blurb letting people know what to expect. I’m striving to keep to my deadline, which is continually getting tighter, but assuming I’m able to the first installment of Harrison & Sylvia should be ready for posting this coming January. So stay tuned for the adventures that will unfold throughout 2019.