“We’re over the ships, Cederic,” Sybell said as she swiveled away from her consoles.

“Excellent,” Cederic answered, bringing the shuttle to a near motionless hover. “Have we figured anything else out, yet?”

“No,” Sybell droned, returning her attention to the consoles.

Cederic ground his teeth but managed to ask, “How deeply are they buried?”

“Fortunately, the ships are close to the surface” Sybell chirped. “We should be able to dig a path to them quickly.

Final Plans

Gliding the ship into position over the first ship Cederic ordered, “Start making the paths, Sybell.”

“Aye, sir,” Sybell answered.

Tapping at his comms, Cederic barked out a command, “Jeras, Ronald and Tegan, grab your gear and get ready to explore ship number one.”

“Yes, sir,” Tegan squeaked.

“What will we be looking for?” Jeras asked as his voice resonated in Cederic’s ear.

With a sudden lurch, the shuttle dropped, coming to rest, so the grass tickled the hull. Craning his neck, Cederic muttered, “How am I supposed to know what you’re looking for? These ships are ancient Larian ships, on a planet that doesn’t exist in the Larian database. Get in and get as much as you can. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Ronald answered. “How are we getting in?”




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