While the triumvirs of Aurora are orchestrating their fledgling colonization effort, they await the return of their ships. With most of the scans of the solar system’s planets and moons in hand, the leaders are waiting for the completion of the last steps for starting their first colony. Will they agree on anything? Or will a dissenter derail the endeavor?


“Aurora, are you there?”

Olyver’s head whipped towards the comms, “Didn’t Escort One land?”

“Yes,” Caitlin replied.

Olyver rose and crossed the room and flipped the comm system on. “This is Aurora.” The lanky triumvir plopped down in the chair next to the unit, barking, “Who is this?”

“This is Escort Two,” Beatrix answered.

“Is everything okay?” Quinn asked, propping himself up. “You all weren’t supposed to check in till you returned.”

“We’re fine,” Beatrix responded. “We just wanted to give you the information about the last planet in the system.”

Olyver grinned, cocking his head to glare at Quinn. “Thank you, Beatrix. It’s nice to know that some people will follow the proper procedures.”

Quinn rolled his eyes and collapsed into his chair. “Olyver, be quiet.” Quinn groaned and dropped his face into his hands. “Beatrix, why are you calling in with an update?”

“With what we found, we didn’t feel waiting until we returned would be all that beneficial,” Sara chimed in.

“Sara, you are not the comms officer for the Escort Two,” Olyver chided.

“Shut up, Olyver,” Quinn commanded.




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