Art Roundup, week of December 20th

My focus for art last week was to fully explore the liquify tool. I’ve been posting some compositions of liquified clouds, and the last of those early pieces has been uploaded to DeviantArt. Aside from the liquified textures, I have completed another nameplate, this time for my niece, and a couple of other doodles. Finger Claws was one of my initial uses of Autodesk SketchBook, and it was a fun experience. While the Android app can create some fun pictures, it’s not ideal when all I have are my fingers. And while I am going to continue working with the app to develop those skills, I am keen on developing my Photoshop skills going forward.

Liquified Clouds 0107

Finger Claws

Falling Debris

Liquified Clouds 0108


Christmass Tree

Liquified Clouds 0109

Liquified Clouds 0110