Art Roundup, week of December 27th

To round out 2020, I posted additional name placards, more work that used the liquify tool, and a somewhat old doodle I made of a mage mixing things in his cauldron. And while I love the work that I’ve done, I still have my eyes set on a loftier goal. I want to draw characters from all of my stories. And while I attempt to draw characters, I’m still a long way from being satisfied with that work. While I develop those skills, I still need to smile with the work I’m doing. And those smiles come from the doodles I’m posting, though I’ll be shifting that process. From now on, my patrons will get early access to each piece. Sit back and enjoy the artwork below, and as always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.


Liquified Fibers 0101

Mixing Mage

Liquified Fibers 0102

Melting Box

Swirling Tentacles

New Year

Liquified Clouds 0201