Art Roundup, week of January 24th

Ever mindful of my ultimate goal, I need to keep having fun while drawing. My abstract work is currently providing me with that opportunity. I have purchased some tools to sharpen those skills, while the fun stuff continues to develop my toolbox. While some tools are black boxes, the creative in me just wants to use them, but my inner developer seeks to understand them. That side of me understands the value of black boxes and reluctantly accepts them when required.

Unfortunately, it’s screaming that most of the features that my creative side considers black boxes aren’t to other artists. Most of them could probably teach courses on each of those mysterious pieces of functionality. With every use of the collected tools in my toolbox, my knowledge increases. And that’s where my inner developer screams because my understanding of how the tools work stubbornly refuses to grow. To placate that loud inner voice, I’ve purchased a course from Udemy that promises to answer some of those questions.

While I search for those answers, sit back and enjoy the artwork below. As always, click on any image below to get a better look at the picture.



Liquified Clouds 0502

Liquified Fibers 0104

Small Nebula

Barbed Hook

Liquified Clouds 0204