With Safe Haven finish, I turned my attention to the next genre on the list, a Fantasy. With an array of characters to choose from, it took me a while to figure out who I wanted for this tale. However, as the days ticked by, I completed a micro fiction story for Ramas Caldwell. Instantly, the structure of the story thundered into my mind, capturing a swath of my focus.

While this narrative touches on some narratives explored in the micro-fiction entries that I’ve published over on Kofi, those micro-tales aren’t for my patrons to enjoy and appreciate this installment of Ramas’ life. However, to sum up, after having his magical conversation with Emilie, Ramas returns to Nilus’ lab to discuss their options.

So, pull up a seat and get cozy as Ramas debates with his comrade about how to defy their common enemy.

After his conversation with Emilie, Ramas makes his way back to Nilus’ laboratory to discuss Emilie’s veiled threat…


As Ramas sauntered through the laboratory’s door, Nilus’ back straightened as he raised a solitary finger. “How was your conversation with Emilie?”

“Did my messenger tell you about the sending?”

As Nilus continued tinkering with his project, he shook his head. “A chat between two powerful individuals like you and Emilie is something that makes waves in the world.”

With a scoff, the wanderer removed his helm and tucked it under his arm as he strode across the cramped confines. When he reached an open seat, Ramas brushed the lingering dust from the chair’s cushion. Once the final speck fell to the ground, Ramas spun about, dropping into the seat’s stiff embrace. When Ramas’ chest stopped expanding, he placed his helmet on the floor. “Then that would mean any conversation between people with cursed sight can’t be private.”

“You’re not wrong,” Nilus said, as he snuffed the candle next to him. “However, unlike the banter between Emilie and yourself, I’m aware of the contents of our conversations.”

Ramas thumped his chair as his milky eyes narrowed. “Has she tried reaching out to you?”

“Not in some time,” Nilus said, steepling his fingers under his chin as his chair rose off the ground and rotated to face the wanderer. “Although I never shared the same connection that you have with her.”




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