Art Roundup, week of March 12th

Unfortunately, when I was scheduling my last batch of images on DeviantArt, I accidentally published Sapona’s Ribs in early February. If I hadn’t made that mistake, it would have been added to this post. As it is, I only published three pieces to my Natural Desygns gallery. While all of them are from my scuba diving cruise, they span two different dives. Please enjoy these snapshots from my past. If you see any images here that aren’t available on Natural Desygns or SM Desygns reach out to me through the Etsy store and I’ll add the image to the correct store. In the meantime, click any of the images to head over to DeviantArt to get a better look.


As we were making our way out of the water, we paused at the five-foot depth for our safety check. While we waited for the pressure to equalize, I looked down and saw one of the Caribbean Reef sharks streak across the bottom of the ocean. Thankfully, my limbs reacted to the racing neurons, and I managed to position my camera to capture the retreating predator.

The last dive of the cruise was a wreck dive. Though it wasn’t what you might be thinking. The Sapona sank in shallow water, leaving it partially submerged. In fact, just before we hopped in the water, the divemaster revealed his plan for the dive, which historically sketched out the site’s layout, was simply an arrow pointing to the wreck and the name of the skeletonized ship, Sapona. Since the ship was jutting out of the water, I pulled my camera out of its housing and immortalized the wreck in my mind.


Sapona's Hull

As we surveyed the ship’s exterior, we came upon a fully submerged section of the Sapona. As we came to a halt in the water, another school of fish emerged and whipped through the various holes in the metal.