Art Roundup, week of May 14th

While there is plenty of history suffusing the hills of Gettysburg, there’s plenty of beauty emerging from the battleground. Of course, that’s something we can appreciate today as we study the fields stretching out from the hilltops. During the battle, the soldiers were far too concerned with survival to appreciate nature’s majesty. If you see any images here that aren’t available on Natural Desygns or SM Desygns reach out to me through the Etsy store and I’ll add the image to the correct store. In the meantime, click any of the images to head over to DeviantArt to get a better look.

Hilltop View

From atop one of Gettysburg’s hills, I stared out and took in the land’s beauty beneath me. For a moment, I pushed the history of the field from my mind and let the natural beauty to beauty infuse my mind. With each passing second, the beauty of the field stretching out before me seared itself into my mind. It took me a couple of seconds to remember that I was lugging my camera. Despite the beauty infusing my mind, I pulled my camera to my eye and captured this moment so I could share one of nature’s spectacular sights.

As we continued to survey the battlefield, a strange collection of trees caught my eye. When I took a moment to study the distant formation, I was floored by the layout. To one side, there was a small throng of trees and to the other, a small line of trees. For a moment it looked like a mamma elephant leading her wayward children back to the to the rest of the herd.

Trees on Parade


As we navigated the roads around the battlefield, we came upon a small collection of antique cannons. After a brief discussion, we found a place to park and hopped out to explore the collected artillery.

While I remember the name of the campground we stayed at for the Niagara portion of our trip, the same isn’t true for the Gettysburg campsite. However, the most memorable part of the campground was the water feature as you pull in. Besides the tiny waterfall, the front basin doubled as a wishing well.

Water Feature