I have always enjoyed a good story. For most of my life those stories have unfolded upon a screen of some kind; be it the magnificent screen of a theater or its puny sibling, the television. These screens fed my mind for much of my childhood and they still do, though now I strive to dine upon printed words. For so long the secrets tatooed upon parchment held little sway over my mind. It wasn’t untill I grew older, more willing, that the words pull me deeper into their embrace and I in turn tighten my grasp upon the page.

Welcome to stevenmeehan.com. This is to be my escape from the everyday. Inside these pages I will share my thoughts and musings on the different books I read or listened to. Quotes that make me think, laugh or simply entertain my mind will litter my pages, or at least pieces of them will. Even though I have striven to read more and more each day, I do enjoy giving my mind a break and I do enjoy some TV and fewer movies.

So I bid thee welcome and enjoy.