Something old versus Something new

As I re-read Wizard’s First Rule I began to think about how I’ll often favor something familiar over something new. Whether it is reading a book I like, watching a favorite movie or television show, or revisiting the same favored places, I always seem to favor reliving past experiences over trying new things. It’s not that reliving the past is something I frown upon, but far too often I find myself trying to relive the past to the exlusion of finding new books, movies or places, or discovering new comforts. It is simply easier to stick with known comforts. After all there is no risk to reaching up and plucking that well worn book off the shelf.

If I pick up a new book, I might not like it. I might even hate it and then the time I spent reading it would seem wasted. But then again I might find something I really do enjoy, and that should always be a good thing. What do you think?