Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians

What is the first thing that pops into you mind when you hear the word librarians? I’m sure it is close to someone who works in an antiquated building full of books. They offer aid to people who are in search of a specific book and are quick to collect the fines when you’re late returning on of their books. But either of those ideas is so very far from evil. But since this is a work of fiction Brandon Sanderson has turned everything upside down and inside out. A world where the librarians secretly control everything, on a massive scale. Yet fortunately for the world there is a sliver of hope. There is a resistance seeking to one day undo the damage inflicted by the librarians to the Hush Lands. The result of this setup is a fantastically wonderful and funny tale surrounding one Alcatraz Smedry.

Alcatraz vs The Evil Librarians

I have enjoyed the tale time and time again going so far as to play the first few minutes of the audiobook to people I know who havent read the book yet, and so far everyone has instantly loved the book and started laughing at the main character’s wit. The fact that the story is so quick to grab the reader’s enjoyment is a great reaffirmation that this book is the first of a five-book series. So if you haven’t yet read the first instalment of Alcatraz’s autobiography then you should get yourself a copy in any format and enjoy Alcatraz Smedry telling the world his true history.