The Assassins of Altis

I was very intregued by the first two installments of The Pillars of Reality series, with them Jack Campbell has painted a wonderful tapestry of the world of Dematr. He has woven the lives of Master Mechanic Mari and Mage Alain into the very tapestry of the world each giving strength to each other and to the world at large.

The depth and jorneies of these two central characters has been wonderful from their first meeting to their stay ina dead city, so I bought the third instalment, The Assassins of Altis, and I immeadiately started listening to it.

Now I was not particularly satisfied with the ending of The Hidden Masters of Marandur but I was eager to see what this instalment has in store for Master Mechanic Mari and Mage Alain. Now the world that had a few pieces revealed in the previous book takes gets yet another large leap forward in development, and the world at large is starting to really take shape and what we are shown is fantastic.

The Assassins of Altis felt like the satisfying conclusion I was expecting from The Hidden Masters of Marandur. There were threads presented from the second book that were not used util this installment. Now those threads might very well surface later on in the series but book three did give me the closure that I did not get from the second one. It was not just the plot that got its satisfying conclusion, Marie and Alain grew and answered major questions that were simply unanswered previously.