The Pirates of Pacta Servanda

Once I finished The Assassins of Altis, I pulled out the fourth book in The Pillars of Reality series by Jack Campell. I was eager to discover how The Daughter, Master Mechanic Mari, would proceed after having just managing to escape from the perils of the previous installment. Having decided to travel to the broken country of Tiae.

Once again Mari leans upon her husband Mage Alain as they travel, though now she has some new allies that she can both rely upon and trust.

The story does move along at a good pace bringing twists and turns that keep the reader eager to race to the next page. The existing characters continue to grow and show new depths while staying true as to who they are; which manages to keep them just as interesting as ever. While the new characters that this installment introduces are quickly developed, giving the world just that extra bit of depth that keeps the read fresh and exciting.

The major complaint I have with The Pirates of Pacta Servanda is that it is just like The Hidden Masters of Marandur in that I didn’t feel like there was a satisfactory conclusion of the story. With that comparison, I have hopes that The Servants of the Storm will bring me that satisfactory conclusion that I am hoping for. Even without the resolution of the main plot, the story was a fun read and is worth picking up.