White Sand Vol. 1

When I have some free time, and I want to explore Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere universe, I will visit The Coppermind to explore the universe these stories are crafting. Long before White Sand Vol. 1 was released I read an article that talked about its placement in the cosmere timeline. Given the fact that this story takes place so early on in the cosmere’s history, I’m hoping to get some history of this wondrous universe. Though I was very eager to delve into this new story and see how it would stand on its own.

White Sand Vol 1

Just as with all of Sanderson’s works, White Sand has its unique form of magic, and just as always, it’s only available for a select few. But the world crafted here is just as impressive as the magic system, primarily since the two are linked together. The world is not like ours, where we have a firmly established day and night. On this world of Taladin one half lives with perpetual daylight while the other lives perpetually in the dark. Now the side of the planet that is continually bathed in the sun’s light is the home to those who wield the magic of Taladin, Sand Mastery. They can manipulate the sands to do wondrous things, which leaves the sands blackened and useless only the sun’s light can restore the sands to their white color.

As the title indicates this is not the complete story of White Sand, rather it is only the first part of the larger story that Sanderson has written. This volume’s main story arc follows Kenton, the son of the current Lord Mastrell. Its pacing is correctly done, and the action present is ideally placed in the story; managing to keep it moving along at an ideal pace, grabbing my eyes and keep them fixated on its pages. It is very evident that Sanderson paid just as much attention to the character development for any character that had substantial time in the volume, but since this is following Kenton’s was more deeply explored. We see the full use of his mind at different points in the story, leaning on his quick wits, his memory, and even his problem-solving. He shows himself to be a very passionate man, and when given the opportunity for growth he seizes it without hesitation.

When I reached the end of the volume I was hooked on the story, and I am eagerly awaiting its continuation and finally its conclusion, this will hopefully lay some pieces of the cosmere into place but that is a hope I am not entirely hanging onto, since this story seems to stand all on its own which is Sanderson’s goal with all of his works.