Monster Hunter International

Going through my Audible library I saw a series that I enjoyed, Monster Hunter, and I saw that there was a new entry Monster Hunter Siege. I quickly added the new book to my library, but I did not want to start it right away since it had been so long since I had read any of the books. So now that I held a new entry in the series, I went to the Audible app on my phone and downloaded Monster Hunter International so I could once more begin my journey in the Monster Hunter series.

Monster Hunter International

The story follows an accountant, Owen Zastava Pitt, as he begins a radical shift in his career. The change started when he threw his boss out of the 14th floor of their office building. Now instead of being labeled a murderer, he was painted as a victim of a serial killer. Now in case, this doesn’t make any sense let me give the one crucial piece of information that allowed the accountant to legally thro his boss out of the window. His boss was a werewolf.

One of the things that saved Owen Pitt from being another faceless victim of a lycanthrope was that he is a gun nut (something that this author is known for). It also helped that he was a rather large and strong individual, but Pitt did not survive the battle unscathed. He managed to succeed in his struggle, but he almost died in the fight. Upon his survival, he was dropped into the real world of monsters, demons and other things that go bump in the night. His survival brought him to the attention of a group of monster hunters, Monster Hunter International, who quickly brought him into the fold.

Because Owen Z Pitt has cosmically drawn the short straw, it does not take him all that long before he is dropped right into the thick of fighting to save the world. Thanks to his flexible mind he is able to adapt to his new job fairly quickly, but will that flexible mind and his militant upbringing be enough to help him survive?

It is said that an author should know what he writes about and it is evident that Larry Correia knows a thing or two about weapons. There are details about weaponry in the book that even after the second pass through go right over my head. Despite the gun talk that goes over my head the author tells a tale that captivates me and pulls me into it from the first page to the very last. The characters are all type personalities, yet they somehow manage to come to life with the turn of each page.