Monster Hunter Vendetta

At the close of Monster Hunter International, the Monster Control Bureau (MCB) launched a nuke at the climax in an effort to neutralize the situation. However, the nuke went into the Old One’s dimension and hit one of them injuring it, and it placed a bounty upon the person who hurt it. Unfortunately for our hero from Monster Hunter International, Owen Zastava Pitt was named as the one who launched the device. Though he doesn’t know that. All he knows is that he is at the top of his game. He works for the best monster hunting company, and in fact, he is a member of the flagship team of hunters, Earl Harbinger’s team. While they are on a job in Mexico without Earl, since the job is happening during a full moon, a shadowy man seeking to collect Owen for the rewards promised by the Old Ones.

After escaping the shadowy individual Owen has to fight his way through a hoard of zombies, is arrested by the Mexican authorities, freed by his vampiric inlaws and his nemesis from the MCB Agent Franks. The MCB is tracking the individual responsible for the events in Mexico and assign a team to protect Owen Pitt from the Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition lead by that Shadowy man. And of course, since Owen is the chosen one he is blessed/cursed with visions, though this time they are visions of the people surrounding him when he touches them. These visions are used in just the right way to give Owen (and more importantly the reader) the information needed at only the right time.

Unfortunately for the chosen one and Monster Hunter International, it appears that a spy has infiltrated the company and at first no one believes it when the MCB tells them about it, but before long they have no choice but to accept the fact that someone has betrayed them. So once again MHI and Owen Pitt are forced to save the world, but they are being hampered every step of the way.

Again Larry Correia does a fantastic job of describing the weaponry used in the story with great detail that I’m sure fellow gun enthusiasts would drool over. In addition to the weaponry details, Correia does a fantastic job in making the characters as real as possible, coaxing genuine reactions from the events they find themselves dropped into. Correia followed his initial entry into the world of monster hunters with another great installment that a mature audience will find fascinating.