Purple Mattress

Sorry for the rant, but one of the most important things in anyone’s life is their mattress, and since we sleep for roughly a third of our lives it is crucial to have an exceptional mattress when we sleep. Now over my life, I have had a few mattresses, and the quality ranged from a standard Serta mattress to my new Purple Mattress. And without a doubt the Purple, for my sleep and my wallet the purple mattress reigns supreme. I remember the first time I saw the raw egg test on YouTube, and I was amazed, and honestly enthralled, by the almost four-minute commercial. The grownup Goldilocks begins with dropping raw eggs onto a Purple mattress under the weight of a pane of tempered glass. She then guides the viewer to a similar test with other types of beds, offering some humorous jokes to go with the appropriate type of mattress (watch the video to get the full effect of the humor).

Now I had been thinking about getting myself a new mattress when I saw the video for the first time, and the commercial definitely did its job since it piqued my interest. With my interest piqued by the ad, I buckled down and started doing my research into the world of internet mattresses. So I pulled up my computer and launched my trusty web browser and started flexing my Googling muscles. I managed to find numerous videos and reviews for Purple but also some of their competitors like Casper, Leesa and Tuft & Needle. Now, most of these companies put their money where their mouths are and offer ridiculous return policies since their customers cant try out the mattresses. Purple offers their customers one hundred nights to determine if the new mattress will work for them, and I let my hundred nights come and go by the end of it I had decided that I have never had a better night’s sleep than I had with my purple mattress.

Now when it comes to sleep the mattress is only a piece of the greater puzzle, both regarding comfort and durability. Now I have used many different mattress protectors to protect my mattress, but I have never found one that had been able to balance both comfort and protection. That is until I started going through the various products that purple offers and their accompanying videos, including their Mattress Protector. With this video we stumble upon a family of Sasquatch, in fact, the first member of the family we meet is the mother who is taking care of the family’s laundry, and she launches right into the purpose of the commercial advertising the benefits of the protector. The benefits bubble down to the protector being a second skin to any mattress keeping all the benefits of the mattress and protecting it from any potential stains from spilled liquids.

When I ordered the mattress, I ordered a pair of mattress protectors to use with the new mattress, and if I decided I did not like the Purple Mattress, I would probably hold onto the mattress protectors to use with my old mattress. When the bed arrived I wasted no time in setting up the mattress I would not lose a single night of the risk-free one hundred night return window. As soon as I laid down upon it, I felt like I was being swaddled by clouds. There are numerous reasons why I absolutely love my new bed, and one of them is because it entirely manages to live up to the hype the company gives it. That strange purple layer (that you will not see unless you tear apart the mattress, something I do not suggest doing) manages to provide me with so much comfort, and it also manages to let me sleep very cooly something I had not managed to get with my previous mattresses. That alone is something that I wouldn’t have given up.

If I have piqued your interest in getting a new Purple Mattress please click here to get a free Mattress Protector when you buy a Purple Mattress.