Farscape Comic Books

I vividly remember seeing the series finale of Farscape, and it left me heartbroken. The ending was absolutely terrible. But then we were treated to the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series, and we were given a fantastic finish to this absolutely fantastic show. Though just like any good show the tale never honestly felt like it had completed.

Farscape Comic Books

Don’t get me wrong all of, well most of the plot lines that had been dangling by the series finale were wrapped up beautifully. But the ending promised so much more than what it wrapped up. Each and every fan knew was never going to grace our screens. But thankfully the creators of Farscape were not willing to let these beloved characters just walk off into the memory of their fans. Hence we got a continuation this epic tale of sorts in comic book form.

I first ran into these graphic novels many years ago and of course since I am a huge fan of the series I was ecstatic. I had new Farscape stories to consume, and as I read them, I wasn’t disappointed. These new stories begin right where Peacekeeper Wars left off, and they never looked back.

Old foes resurfaced, and new enemies spring up to make the lives of Moya’s crew just as interesting as ever. And true to its roots in the show and mini-series the crew always manage to fumble their way through these misadventures, while finding the most ridiculous way to solve their current problems.

The artwork in the comics is fantastic, and the characters remain true to who they are while they manage to grow just like they did during the televised stories. Any fan of the show should read each and every story in order to be entertained by the wonderful crew of Moya as they journey through space.