Monster Hunter Siege

With each and every installment of the Monster Hunter series, the stakes have gotten greater, and the dangers intensified. And as the stakes and risks increase the entire world keeps circling around a central being, a big bad villain coming to lay waste to the world. During the events of the series, we have met some of this being’s minions, seen the devastation those minions have caused or orchestrated. Yet during the events of those entries, he has yet to make his appearance. But that is about to change, this tale starts off just after the events of Monster Hunter Legion, and we are once more following Owen Pitt as he sets off on his latest journey against the forces of evil.

Monster Hunter Siege

Both of the Pitt brothers meet with their father so he can fulfill his destiny, preparing Owen to go into battle so he can have a chance to save the world. Once their father tells them everything, he needed to tell them he collapses and with that Owen knows what he has to do. He and Julie take the lead that Franks gave them in Nemesis and end up meeting a Cyclops, who is so devoted to Julie that he tells them he can see seven lights from the Nightmare Realm. And armed with this knowledge Owen starts planning a siege of the city of monsters. The city sits on top of a portal that on a particular day will give them access to their missing brothers in arms. It also happens to be where the big bad evil that threatens the end of the world slumbered until Owen broke time.

So now armed with the vital intelligence Owen needs to rescue the hunters who went missing from the last dragon, He begins to plan a worldwide mission to save them. The scope of the mission is nothing short of declaring war against the city of monsters, a place so nasty that Nikolai Petrov decided the best way to deal with it was to bomb it with the biggest nuclear bomb they could find. As Owen gathers the intelligence needed to go to war with the city he makes new friends and meets both living and dead.

Once greenlit the hunters from around the world gather in Alaska so they can train and prepare to fight the biggest battle of their lives. Once the army lands on the island, they begin to fight until they manage to secure the gateway to the nightmare realm. Once acquired Owen and the rest of the team responsible for rescuing the missing hunters make their way to the gateway. But just as Owen feared only he, the man who drew the short straw long before he was born, was allowed to walk through the gateway. So Owen is alone in a realm where the most potent will, has complete and total control the environment, will the only man ever to survive a zombie bite manage to control the fabric of reality in the nightmare realm and save the missing hunters?

The events of the book progress just like you would expect for an entry in the Monster Hunter series, and as such is a good book to pick up when you need a dose of action and adventure.