The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

The story of The Beginning of the End of the Beginning centers around finding homes. The crew is fresh off their adventure from The Peacekeeper Wars and they are dealing with the loss of Ka’Dargo. Chiana is once again falling into Jothee’s bed, while John and Aeryn had named their son in honor of their fallen friend. Rygel is keeping himself busy, finally returning home to retake his throne. He had been trying to contact one of his wives, and finally, the sole surviving wife makes contact. She informs Rygel that Bishan has no intention to let him return to the throne, in fact, he is in danger since Bishan put a bounty on Rygel’s head.

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Aeryn is having difficulty adjusting to he new life as a mother, especially since Deke (John gave their son the nickname because it is too hard to call him Dargo) is continually crying; being a mother is merely a skill she never had. Meanwhile, John is trying to find a home for his new family, but Moya keeps detecting something at the edge of her sensors. But without more information, John just tell Pilot to keep an eye on it.

We see another side of Rygel as we go through the four books in this series. When he lands on the Palace Planet and is immediately betrayed by his wife and thrown into jail along with Jothee and Chiana, we see him at his absolute low, but he is transferred to yet another Peacekeeper ship to repeat the experience he went through so long ago.

John and Aeryn, show the reader who they really are once again when they hear what happened to their friends. They show their dedication and loyalty by heading down to the planet to save them with their son in tow. However, as always, their plans manage to fall apart, and they are arrested and incarcerated.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Farscape story without their greatest villain, Scorpius. He has somehow managed to find his way to Hynerian space and is just as single-minded as always, with his hatred of the Scarans ruling everything. With the reduction of power of the Peacekeepers, he is searching out someone to be able to fight the Scarans even the Hynerians.

With ingenuity and boldness, everyone is able to escape their captors and rally to find new allies to further their journey. And with the stage set so beautifully, when it comes to time will Moya’s crew prove ready to wrap up Rygel’s almost century and a half long journey back to his throne. Or will his journey end in failure. All of the main characters grow from page one to the last, growing and surprising each other, some more than others.

I decided to read this first Farscape graphic novel to recapture my memories of the show, and I was thankfully rewarded by leaps and bounds.