Landing on Morven

Sitting on the bridge of the colonization ship Tarian, Keldon and Sherry were busy preparing to land the ship. Tarian let his eyes peer down upon the planet on the other side of the windshield and without thought asked, “Sherry, you’re sure the planet down there can support life?”

Sherry looked up from her screens for a moment and answered, “Yes captain, the planet can support life. There is a myriad of animal and plant life that will supplement our inventory.”

Tarian turned his attention to the other officer and asked, “Kel, have we received our final approval to begin the colonization attempt?”

“Yes we have Tarian,” Kel answered.

Landing on Morven

With a nod, Tarian began preparing the ship for entry into the new planet’s atmosphere, and the windshield lit up with a heads-up display full of all the information he would need to land the ship safely.

Tarian flipped another switch on the dashboard and spoke to the rest of the crew. “The planet below will support our colonization attempt, and just as importantly we’ve been given our final approval from home, so prepare for entry.”

After Tarian turned off the ship’s intercom, Sherry pulled her head away from her screens and said, “Captain, I have just noticed something anomalous with the atmosphere.”

“What is it, Sherry?”

“I can’t explain sir, but there are some anomalous readings.”

With a backward glance, Tarian asked, “Do we need to abort, Sherry?”

She returned her attention back to the information flowing across her screens, and after parsing it as best as she could, answered. “We should be fine sir, just be careful with the entry.”

Returning his attention to his own display, Tarian tightened his grip on the ship’s controls and muttered to himself, “No pressure.” Then he raised his voice and spoke to his friends and officers, “Let’s go colonize our new home.”




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