AMC Stubs Premiere

Sorry for the rant but, I remember years back getting a stubs membership for AMC, but with the prices skyrocketing to see a movie I quickly forgot about it and went looking for other ways to see movies. One of the more routine methods was to go to University Malls theater and watch a film there for about five dollars a ticket. The main drawback to this option is that the movie I wanted to see had to make its way out of theaters like AMC and that meant I needed to go to even further methods to not hear anything for a movie I wanted to see. One of the more recent releases I saw that way was Thor: Ragnarok, and it worked I managed to go into the theater having not heard a single thing about the movie other than it was totally awesome, that was about the only thing I couldn’t avoid.

So I figured this was the way I would see movies until I happened to be browsing AMC movie listings for whatever reason and noticed that Saturday morning movie prices were relatively reasonable instead of five dollars they were about six dollars and some change. With the reasonable prices I decided to buy some tickets for that movie, but I also saw that they were still doing their AMC Stubs membership. I decided to take a look at the benefits of the program, while I don’t think they were this good the last time I joined the program, they are genuinely amazing. There are a few benefits that make the fifteen dollars a year for the premier level worth it.

The first of the critical benefits is honestly the $5 Tuesday tickets. Now the five dollar price tag is strictly for a ticket to the base theater, and while you can get any theater experience you want that the movie of your choice is playing in, all you have to do is pay a small upcharge for the experience. This is a fantastic benefit that cannot be understated, especially when you consider that the price for a regular ticket is, depending on where you might live, roughly fifteen dollars for an adult. This means that on Tuesdays I’ll be able to get three tickets for what I would approximately pay for just myself. This is awesome and means that depending on what I’m doing I can take a day and just go to a string of movies, or go out for a movie night with the family and see a movie that I may not have thought about seeing otherwise. Plus there is a special combo for movies on five dollar night; a small drink, and popcorn for five dollars, again when that close to the price for a large drink alone it works pretty well for my daughter.

Now the other benefits while nice do not get to that level because the price of movies is still ridiculous, but being able to buy tickets online without a service fee is definitely a nice perk to those random, “let’s go see a movie moments.” But the other two perks that make this membership a lifesaver are the free upgrades to drinks and popcorn. You go and ask for a large popcorn, drink or both, and they charge you the cost for the price for the regular sizes. And since you got to have something to either drink or eat during the show, this is another massive benefit to the movie-going experience especially since it saves a couple bucks per item.

The last perk ill mention here, click on the link above to see all of the benefits to a stubs membership, is the AMC cashback you get. It starts with accumulating points and with the Premiere membership you get one hundred points for every dollar you spend at AMC either on tickets or concessions. Though while collecting the points is essential the other side is getting AMC cash back, and the rate is for every five thousand points you get five dollars back. So for the premiere level for every fifty dollars, you spend you get five back.

This is a nice membership and the first and only that I intend to pay for every year.