Exploration of Morven

Tarian is resting upon a tree thinking about how the colonization ship has overcome. First, there was the crash landing. Fortunately, no one had died, but there had been some minor injuries and even a couple of major ones. Though the livestock they had brought with them on the trip did not fair as well, they should be able to breed replacements for the ones that had died, while the dead ones were taken for provisions while they settled around the crashed ship.

Of course, as a result of the crash, some of the more delicate equipment had not survived the landing like the communications array as well as some of the medical equipment. And to make matters worse the parts that had broken would take time to replace of course they would have to find the raw materials first, and to date, they had not seen any of the needed materials.

He lifted his radio, one of the few that still worked and called into the base camp, “How are things back at home?”

“Same as before, we’re waiting for some fresh supplies. Have you had any luck on that front?”

Tarian took a small sip from his cantine before he looked other the other members of his little party. They were all busy categorizing the native animal and plant life, “Well we’re definitely finding the local wildlife but as far finding supplies I’m not so sure about that.”

“Rodger that, Tarian.”

“Have any of the other parties had more luck?” Tarian asked his voice overflowing with hope.

“At this point Tarian I think all the parties are having the same results as your group.” The voice said wryly.

With a sigh, Tarian responded to the man’s comment, “Yeah that’s what I thought. Alright, we’ll be back once we’ve finished the inventory of our sector.”

Tarian turned the volume down on the radio and took another look at the wildlife that his team was examining. Some of the animals he had seen looked just like what he was used to, while some like some of the wolves they had seen were almost as large as their surviving horses. And then there were those that seemed to be inspired by legends and myths. He had seen several animals that were a strange mixture of animals from their homeworld, yet the most memorable was the one that seemed to be a peculiar yet purposeful cross of an eagle and a lion.

Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw something moving, but he quickly dismissed it. He looked to the rifle slung to his tactical vest making sure the charge on the batter was sufficient enough in case he needed to use it. He pushed off of the tree and walked over to the closest team member asking, “Lucinda how’s the cataloging going for you?”

“The wildlife here is fascinating, Tarian.”

“I’m sure it is, but how much longer before we’re done in this sector?”

“I’ll need another hour or two before I’d feel comfortable calling it a day.”

“Sounds good to me, Lucinda.” There was another motion from the corner of his eye, though this time he asked Lucinda, “Did you see that motion, Lucinda.”

She looked where Tarian was pointing and shook her head, but she focused her scanner on the area. “Though just because I cant see anything doesn’t mean the scanner isn’t picking something up.”

“What’s it see over there?”

“Something large and potentially dangerous…”

Pointing where the hill had been just a moment ago Tarian continued on for her, “Where did that hill go?”

Lucinda looked up, and her jaw dropped from the ridiculousness of the inescapable fact before them, the hill that had been there a moment ago was now gone. She looked down at her scanner briefly before she looked up and screamed in terror. Tarian followed the motion of her head and saw something gigantic rushing down upon them. It was scaled like a lizard and had wings, yet it was almost half the size of their colonization ship and descending upon them fast. He looked down to see that Lucinda was already running, in search of the cover, so he ran to get behind a boulder as he issued an order over the radio, “Everyone there is… something attacking us. Seek cover and shoot it down.”

An order issued Tarian popped up and quickly put the giant creature into the sights of his rifle. He flipped the rifle’s settings to its strongest before taking a quick steadying breath before he pulled the trigger three times as rapidly as he could. The bolts of energy that leaped from the barrel soon struck the beast squarely in its chest tearing a single yet massive hole into the creature causing it to fall out of the sky.

“Everyone meets me at that thing’s body, we need to fully examine it. But be careful there could be more of those things in the area.” Tarian ordered his squad as he withdrew from his cover. He practically ran to where the thing had fallen and made sure the thing was dead before checking in with his team. Fortunately, everyone survived the incident intact without injury.

Caleb stood over the beast and as he poked it asked, “What was this thing Tarian?”

“It looks like a dragon, from fantasy stories,” Jacob answered despite it being addressed to Tarian.

“That sounds like as good of a name as any to give to the thing,” Tarian said once he checked in with the command post. “We need to head back to base, mark the location and we’ll send someone else back to study the location, lets head back double time.”