Rylan sat in the judge’s office head in his hands as he listened to the each of the counselors explain their arguments. The judge who would ultimately decide his fate was an impressive figure sitting tall behind his desk, an unmoving mountain. Sweat began to form along Rylan’s brow as the heat in the room finally started to get to the technician. As each of the counselors was finishing their arguments, Rylan began to think about what had happened to him under the emotionless scrutiny of the judge sitting across from him.

As the platform room began to flood with people, Rylan was trying to get in touch with any of the Larian planets. He was trying to adjust the communications device to contact another world when he was immediately placed under arrest. It took a moment for Rylan to process what was happening to him, but once his mind caught up Rylan tried to insist that the platform hadn’t been sabotaged and something serious had occurred back on Laria. As he was being led away, he heard some of the officials mention that so far they hadn’t been able to contact any planets in the federation. Of course, the technician had some inkling of why that was the case, it was the only reason why the platform would flash with that crimson color.

As Rylan sat in a jail cell, he had been assigned an advocate, who promptly joined him in his cell asking the question as he began forming a defense for his client. As Rylan answered each of his advocates question the technician became more annoyed at the situation. But when the advocate asked about the platform’s color and Rylan informed him that it was crimson. He looked up from his notes with shock in his face. The advocate asked if he was Rylan was sure about the color and Rylan confirmed that it was crimson.

The advocate put his pen down and asked for Rylan to tell him exactly what happened. When Rylan told him everything, the advocate asked how many platforms he had updated before this one. Rylan thought for a moment before he explained that this planet’s platform was his fifth platform to receive the tested an approved update. Rylan asked if they had been able to contact any of the planets in the Larian Federation. The advocate confirmed that he didn’t know the answer to that, but pledged he would find the answer as part of their defense.

With a solemn expression, Rylan asked the advocate if he would have to worry about anything. Collecting his notes and preparing to depart the advocate told Rylan that because of the red light he wouldn’t have to worry about anything. As the advocate was leaving, he explained to Rylan that because of the seriousness of the situation he would be able to get a private meeting with a judge he was reasonably sure that the charge of sabotage would be dismissed immediately. Rylan thanked the man and tried to get a good night’s sleep.

When Rylan woke, he found that he had been provided with a fresh set of clothes and was allowed to refresh himself and was given a spartan meal for breakfast. Once he finished eating his advocate was allowed to enter the cell, and he quickly told the technician that he had gotten a meeting with a judge to make a decision about dropping the charges and Rylan was brought to the Hall of Judgement.

“I’ve heard enough.” The judge said silencing the two counselors and bringing Rylan back to the moment. “It is plain to me that Rylan did not sabotage our platform.”

“Your honor!”

“Riley be quiet!” The judge exclaimed as he flashed look at the opposing counselor that warned of danger if he did not comply. The judge let the silence build in the room for a few moments to let the warning sink in with all in the room before he continued. “The platform’s center light was and still is flashing red, a fact that is corroborated from your own reports isn’t that correct.”

Riley looked away from the judge as he begrudgingly admitted, “That’s correct your honor.”

“And even I know that light only flashed red if its twin on Laria is unreachable. Combine that with the fact that we have not been able to contact any of the other planets. Its safe to say that something happened on Laria, wouldn’t you agree.”

Riley looked away from the judge refusing to acknowledge the question. The judge only let the silence linger for a moment before he looked at Rylan saying, “In that case, I’m going to dismiss the charges against Rylan and release him.”

With a blossoming smile, Rylan looked up at the judge and exclaimed, “Thank you, your honor.”