Ever since the charges that had been brought against Rylan were dismissed, he had been waiting for the meeting that would decide what the planet did regarding Laria. It had been a month since the dismissal, and the various leaders had been unable to contact anyone off world. The population of the planet was divided on what they should do, some wanted to ignore what had happened and just carry on as usual. While the other group wanted to build a ship so they could return to Laria and discover what had happened there, a desire that Rylan shared.

The technician knew that the only way he would be able to find out what happened would be to participate in the meeting. Unfortunately for him that required him to be present, his voice would not be heard if he didn’t show up. The rest of the population was not expected to be there, they had other options to be able to cast their vote. While the charges had been dismissed the officials wouldn’t let him register himself as a citizen. It would seem that while the law proclaimed him innocent, this world’s officials still considered him a demented criminal.

With determination, he had been able to discover the time and place for the meeting, though he ultimately had to find his advocate for the information. He went to the municipal center and had gone to a large conference room reserved for these types of deliberations. He sat down and towards the back of the room and listened as the debate started in earnest. The leader for each side of the issue got up and argued their point.

The leader of the front to isolate the planet from the rest of the remnants of the Federation was a passionate woman named Aidan. She made some logical arguments to keep the world separated from the rest of the galaxy. That fact that worried Rylan especially since the Brody, the man arguing for the investigation of Laria was not supporting his point nearly as well. Rylan wanted to get up and make his own passionate argument for the inquiry, but he had learned enough to know that once those two finished their debate the floor would be opened up for anyone to voice their own opinions.

As Rylan sat there listening to Aidan and Brody arguing the points of the positions of the groups they represented, the technician knew that he could only risk commenting if the argument to investigate genuinely needed it. His name and face were still too fresh in the minds of the population and with everything the officials had done that was not in a good way. He knew he might do more harm for his group than good.

When the two leaders finished the floor was opened up to the general population, and Rylan held his breath. Then citizen after citizen voiced their opinion that they should investigate what happened to the Federation as a whole. And with each testimonial that cried out for answers, Rylan breathed a little easier until eventually Aidan broke with apparent tradition and interrupted. “With the apparent will of the people so fixated on investigating what has happened to the Federation, I will cede my group’s resistance to such an investigation. All we have to determine now is how we will carry out such an investigation.”

Aidan sat back down, and Brody took center stage addressing the planet’s population, “It would seem to me the best way to carry out this investigation would be to construct a ship that could swiftly make the journey to Laria.”

“We don’t have the infrastructure needed to build a ship to investigate.” A non-present citizen objected.

Aidan took a moment to collect himself before countering that objection more eloquently than anything else he had done so far that night. “I am aware with our reliance upon the platforms that we do not have the needed resources currently in place to begin building the ship. However, with the platform’s inability to connect to Laria, we will need to begin building ships of our own.”

Aidan stood and from where she was shocked everyone there, “I agree with Brody that we will need to become a space-faring society moving forward.”

“Thank you, Aidan,” Brody declared with a mostly well-hidden smile. He returned his attention to the people physically present and forged ahead with his idea. “We have access to the Larian library here, and there are plenty of ship designs that we can follow. In fact, we have already discovered an appropriate ship that could be completed within a month. The completed ship would be able to make its journey to Laria in less than a month giving us our answers.”

“And what do we do if Laria has been destroyed?” A member of the gathered population asked as she stood up in the chamber.

Before Brody could answer Aidan stood up and responded to the concerned citizen question, “Then we will have gotten our answer, and we can move forward as a people.”

Rylan smiled thankfully that the meeting had gone in his favor and right then he promised himself that he would find a place on that mission to Laria.