Contemplation of my Facebook Posts

I was feeling a little under the weather for the latter half of last week, so I wasn’t able to write the piece of flash fiction that I wanted to. As poor as I felt I didn’t completely ignore the site, I was pursuing my insights for the posts that I link to on my facebook page. The gold standard for an author, or any creative individual, is unsolicited feedback, be it reviews for my books or comments on my posts. Now my blog is currently not configured for comments, thankfully when I publish a post, I also publish a link to it on my Facebook page. This way I can see any conversations that might be had there. And ever since I posted the first link to that page, I’ve been eagerly awaiting for my first Facebook comment.

I know that I’m still building my presence on Facebook, so I knew going into this that getting an honest opinion would take some time. Though with each and every new blog post that I write and post I do travel to the insights page to see how well it’s doing. And with that knowledge, I knew that I would need to get some more reach to build my reputation. And as if reading my mind Facebook was offering a fifteen dollar credit for boosting a given post. I wanted to make the most of that credit so I held onto it till I had a post that I felt would genuinely benefit from a helping hand.

After writing Jorney of Thanks and getting some feedback from people I completely trusted, I decided that this story deserved to get a broader reach. So I went through the process of boosting the post’s visibility. Multiple people in the broader community of Facebook liked the post, but someone loved it so much that they decided to leave a comment:

When I read that comment I smiled, my work moved someone so much that they decided to share with the world their reaction to my story. And even though I wasn’t feeling all that well for the latter half of last week, when I found the comment on my post the smile returned and I was driven to share the joy that I received with everyone.