Inception of Insight Investigations

As Gregory leaned against the wall of the clock tower, the tears flowed from his eyes as he kept protesting his innocence. But his words fell upon the deaf ears of Rebecca and her partner, Frank. As they were standing next to their car, Frank asked, “Rebecca, are you sure about this?”

“Frank, you saw the same thing I did,” Rebecca answered with the same emotions of a stone.

“Rebecca, this…”

She spun to face her partner shoving a finger into his face as she continued on without a hint of emotion. “Frank, we found him drenched in blood kneeling over the victim.“ She closed her eyes as she grimly concluded, “My past relationship with him won’t be relevant.”

Frank rubbed his eyes before exclaiming, “You know it will, just like you know you can’t be the one to arrest him. We need to report it then babysit while we wait for someone else to do it.”

Turning her back on her partner her now seething eyes stared at Gregory, but she finally relented muttering, “Fine call it in.”

Frank watched as Rebecca stalked back to the crime scene, but he picked up his radio and made the report and requested another car, to arrest the weeping Gregory. However, before the requested officers could arrive a nondescript car parked and a middle-aged and athletically built man got out. With a harrumph, Frank walked over and put his hands upon the man as he ordered, “I’m sorry sir, you’re going to have to leave.”

The man watched as Rebecca led Gregory into the car and calmly said, “I’m afraid I have a client over there.”

Frank looked where the man pointed and asked, “Lawyer?”

“No, I’m with Insight Investigations.” The man said as he promptly proffered his credentials, “And he has a right to hire me to investigate this alleged crime.”

“Leave,” Frank ordered after glancing at the license.

“Since you haven’t actually arrested him yet, I believe I’m allowed to offer him my services. And you should probably keep your partner from stuffing him in that car unless you’re going to arrest him after all.”

“Fine,” Frank said with annoyance, and turning to look at Rebecca he cried, “Don’t put him in the car, we’re waiting, and he has a guest.”

The private eye closed the distance and waited until he was alone with Gregory to speak. “I’m Kyle Rickman, Insight Investigations.”

“Never heard of you.”

“This would be my first case.”

“So why help me?” Gregory asked with his head hanging.

“I could hear your pleas, and I know the voice of an innocent man.”

“They don’t believe me, and I couldn’t pay you,” Gregory said dejectedly.

“We can work out those details later, tell me what happened.”

“I proposed, Veronica said yes and then I was rendered unconscious until they came.”

“Nice summary,” Kyle began before he looked back at Rebecca and idly said, “It seems that she…”


Kyle’s head spun around instantly as he asked, “You know her?”

“She’s an ex…”

“Bad breakup?”

“It certainly wasn’t civil.”

“No wonder, her partner insisted on another officer arresting you,” Kyle said as he twirled a pen in his hand.

“I didn’t do it.” Gregory insisted.

Nodding the investigator said, “I believe you…”


“Then let me see what I can find to clear you.”

“Thank you.”

The investigator walked to the edge of the clock tower and peeked past the yellow tape. While he was taking everything in Rebecca came up and grabbed his shoulder and asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Kyle quickly examined Rebecca then answered, “Investigating for my client.”

“Back off!”

With another look at the officer, Kyle asked, “You normally carry a lot of things in your pockets?”

“My pockets are empty, now back off!” Rebecca demanded.

“You know I already showed your partner my credentials, not to mention that I haven’t actually crossed the yellow line. Which means I haven’t done anything I’m not allowed to do.”

With a snarl plastered upon her face, Rebecca threatened, “Don’t pollute the crime scene.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it lass,” Kyle said with a smile and a salute as he resumed his investigation. He examined Veronica despite the distance and the blanket’s obstruction but saw enough. When he was finished, he went over to Rebecca’s partner and asked, “Was anything removed from the body?”


Nodding Kyle walked back to Gregory and asked, “Did you put a ring on her finger?”

“Yes,” Gregory said firmly.

Kyle smiled as he turned to watch four officers approaching. With the arrival of the arresting officers, Kyle leaned against the car and spoke over the sirens. “Can you check Rebecca’s right pocket for an engagement ring?”

“What?” Rebecca cried out.

“The ring isn’t on the victim, and there should be.”

“Excuse me?” Rebecca’s partner asked as his hand unconsciously approached his gun.

“Couple that with the slight bulge, it makes me think my client’s engagement ring is in her right pant’s pocket.”

The three officers slowly turned to watch as Rebecca’s hands clapped down upon the pocket as if she were trying to hide it from view.

“Rebecca, turn out your pocket.” One of the new arrivals demanded.

Rebecca began to focus her eyes upon Gregory, as her other hand tightened upon her weapon’s grip. And wetting her lips, Rebecca tried to pull her gun but was tackled to the ground by the newly arrived men, and they quickly subdued her.

As she was secured in their car, Frank walked over and uncuffed Gregory saying, “I’m so sorry.”

“Can I get the ring back?” Frank asked dumbly.

“Of course,” Frank said with a hollow voice as he went to retrieve it.

“Thank you, Kyle,” Gregory said as he emphatically shook Kyle’s hand.

“I’m just doing my job,” Kyle said with joy and sorrow tugging at his heart.