Assault on the Walls

Tarian was standing upon the mostly constructed walls, staring out into the slowly building mass of creatures. There were a few types of monsters swirling about each other in that swarm, but the bulk was what the population had taken to calling Ogres. In fact, it was the constant harrying of the colonists by those Ogres that had prompted the building of the walls as rapidly as possible.

“Tarian, is it me or is that mass still growing?” Keldon asked once he was standing next to Tarian.

Assault on the Walls

Keeping his eyes fixed on the new threat Tarian replied, “It seems to grow by the second, even though I know it’s not that rapid.”

“I’m glad we built as much of the walls as we did,” Keldon added as he leaned upon the railing in front of them.

“It’s nice to have though I wish we didn’t need it.”

“It bothers you that those things…”

“Yeah, it does bother me. I mean the only way that the results make sense is if someone was making all of these things in a lab.”

“Normally I wouldn’t argue with you Tarian,” Keldon said somberly.


“Yeah, but Sherry who is very good at using her scanners swears that there is no possibility of any kind of lab on this planet.”

Turning to face Keldon Tarian asked his friend directly, “Then how do you explain that these Ogres are based on the DNA of our missing people?”

“I can’t explain it. Have you changed your mind on letting the rest of the colonists know about that?”




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