Rylan looked at everyone around him, they were preparing for the launch of the ship. They had been training vigorously for the last three weeks since no one had any idea what to expect, so those who had been volunteered for the mission were being readied for anything. Those in charge had even decided to alter the purpose of the mission, slightly. Their primary goal was still to discover what had happened on Laria but it was decided that to help prepare those on the mission that they should investigate two planets that were on the way to the Larian system.

So two worlds were chosen, Latria and Medicia. Thanks to the comprehensive Larian library they were able to plot to each planet. Also thanks to the library they knew where each platform was located just in case the lack of communication was more than just an inherent system failure. Which was a thought that Rylan was being forced to abandon with each passing day.

Lounging in the hot tub, Rylan tried to let his mind turn off, but it kept trying to figure out what could have happened on Laria for the platforms not to be able to establish their link. Deep down the tech knew that the only way was for the Larian twin to be destroyed or turned off but no platform was ever turned off this long. He also knew just how much it would take to destroy platforms, the Larian scientists had constructed them to be virtually indestructible. Though everything had at least one weakness.

He pushed the thought from his mind, with the training done, he and the fifty other volunteers would make their way to the new spaceship tomorrow. From there they would launch themselves out of the safety of their planet and into the emptiness of space. As Rylan thought about that he slowly began to understand what they were all genuinely going to do. While he was one of the few, who had been to another one of the planets in the Federation none of them had ever traveled in a spaceship.

Virtually no one in the Larian Federation ventured out into the galaxy in a spaceship, not with the platforms. There were a few ships in the Federation, but those had been mostly put aside for specialized purposes. The platforms were merely a much more efficient means to travel between the planets in the federation. As a result, the space-faring aspect of their ancestors had died out long ago. The truth of which Rylan saw as he looked at everyone as they made their final preparations for launch.

Everyone was silent as they collected their equipment, as each finished their preparations they walked towards the embarkation area. Rylan stopped watching the rest of the crew and returned to getting himself ready for departure, but was interrupted by one of his neighbors. “So the saboteur is taking his time to prepare.”

Rylan sighed and looked into Marcus’ eyes as he thought carefully about the man’s words. Without looking away from his boots Rylan answered the snide remark, “I’m not a saboteur Marcus, and you know that so why are you trying to start something?”

“You might have everyone else convinced but I’m not, and I’ll be watching every move you make.”

Rylan sighed at Marcus’ display of idiocy and hurried up getting himself ready. He ignored the fool’s rantings and when he was ready made his own way to the embarkation room. Once there he handed his pack to the ensemble of groundcrew toiling away at loading the ship. Meanwhile, he was helped into the suit that had been crafted as a precaution during the initial stages of the mission as well and the examination of the target worlds.

The sealed suit would allow each of the crew to survive once the ship left orbit if there was an issue with the craft. Rylan tried to put the worry from his mind, but it was just to hard to do with this particular precaution. The effectiveness of the suits had been tested so he knew that it would protect them just in case. Once he was enclosed in the suit despite knowing that he had enough air for over twenty-four hours, Rylan began to breathe shallowly, though once onboard the ship his breathing did even out, and he was taken to his seat in the spacecraft.

Once all of the crew had been secured the ground crew closed and sealed the exterior hatch of the ship and quickly left the hanger bay, then the craft was positioned straight so the rockets that would assist its launch. Rylan remembered asking how they would land if they needed the rockets to get to altitude but was assured the smaller shuttles could see leave a planets altitude without issue. The rockets began their short journey as a countdown echoed everywhere, and Rylan gripped what he could as the numbers counted down to zero.

Once they hit zero the rockets engaged and the ship was thrown into the upper atmosphere of the planet. They seemed to slow for a moment before the central engine of the spacecraft fired, and the rocket boosters fell back to their world as the craft exited the atmosphere. Once they broke the atmosphere, the captain of the mission announced over their headsets, “We are going to establish an orbit around the planet and ensure that the seals are all good. As long as those check out, we will start our journey promptly.”

Rylan had done it, he was in space, and their journey was about to begin. He began to count as he could hear the tones that signaled success echoing from the various sections of the ship, each indicating a good seal until the captain once again spoke to the crew. “All of the seals show green and are stable. You can all remove your suits and prepare for our journey to Latria.”