Tarian sauntered through the forest with his detachment with no signs of any of his people that went missing during the assault. He reached for his radio and depressed the button calling out to Keldon. “Hey Kel, have you had any luck over there?”

“No love on our route.” Came the stoic response from Tarian’s friend. “I think we have to call the search.”

“No, we need to keep looking, Kel,” Tarian replied with weariness bleeding into his tone.


“Fine, you’re the boss Tarian.” Keldon said, but after a few moments added, “But I want to join up with you.”


“With this planet, you need all the extra personnel period.”

Tarian sighed but was resigned to the delay. “Fine, just hurry up and get over here.”

“Yes, boos,” Keldon said with a measure of cheer that Tarian felt shouldn’t be there.

Tarian turned around, switching to his team’s channel saying, “Everyone on me.” His command was echoed with a chorus of affirmations. While he waited for everyone to collapse on his position, Tarian flipped his microphone to Caleb’s detachment. “How’s the hunting going for your team?”

The radio chirped to life with Caleb’s always cheerful disposition. “We’ve had a good day, Tarian.”

“How good is good, Caleb?”

“We should have enough meat for about a month.”




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