Harrison & Sylvia Part One

Harrison & Sylvia is finally ready for publication. The particular journey has been a long yet wondrous one. Ever since these characters sprang to life in my mind, their stories have been lurking in my mind just waiting for me to transcribe them. And now that I have finished penning these tales I will be publishing these twelve short stories once a month throughout the year. These stories will detail the lives of Harrison and Sylvia and how they meet. Come read the beginning of their journey.

Harrison & Sylvia Part One

The King of the Central Kingdom is a capricious tyrant lording his wealth and power over his kingdom. The king has been refusing each petitioner in turn, as is his wont, until, for a fleeting moment, he notices a face that didn’t match the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, the motion of the crowd allows that face to disappear back into the waiting petitioners.

Danger is something the king has become numb to, ever since he employed the best protection available in his kingdom, perhaps across all of the kingdoms, Sylvia. She is an expert at protecting people, thanks to a specific set of abilities, especially those who demand a certain amount of discretion.

Yet later during the petitions that strange face appears once more, and it is full of malice and defiance. The king immediately tries to locate it only to be distracted again, once more letting the face disappear back into the crowd. With this face appearing multiple times, the king’s faith in his protection is about to be measured.

Part One

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