Pursuing Confirmation

Slipping down from the roof, Ezekiel’s feet silently landed upon the balcony. He quickly put his back against the wall and waited for an eternal moment. Then he promptly went to the balcony’s door and withdrew his tools and unlocked the entrance to the embassy. Before opening it, he quickly checked to see if there were any alarms or other surveillance devices. Neither his eyes nor his sniffers detected any such device, so he opened the door and slipped inside.

Ezekiel quickly secured himself in a nearby corner and withdrew his night vision goggles. As he slipped them on, he examined the room, and his distaste flared to life. He despised being asked to break into embassies because he didn’t like operating without some kind of safety net. Unfortunately for him, he knew he was one of the few who could do what was needed of him and get back out unscathed. He forced the distaste out of his mind and forced his razor-sharp focus to the task at hand.

After his scan of the room, he walked towards the door on the right. He quickly placed his ear to the door and listened for a few moments. With disgust, he kneeled down and deftly unlocked this inner door, and gingerly opened the door a crack. Looking through that crack, Ezekiel noticed that there was a guard who appeared to be pacing. He waited for the guard to begin his journey away from the door before he opened it and struck out at the guard. But the man had sensed the attack and effortlessly deflected the blow.

The guard instantly spun to face Ezekiel who was already ducking underneath the guard’s instinctual strike. He let the momentum of his escape from the attack flow into his next attack as he attempted to sweep the legs out from under the guard. Fortunately, Ezekiel managed to catch one, and the guard stumbled trying to remain standing. Without wasting another moment, he grabbed the precarious guard by the neck and pulled him to the floor with as little noise as possible.

The guard repeatedly struck just below Ezekiel’s ribs, drawing a series of muffled grunts. Ezekiel rapidly pulled some cloth from a nearby chair and stuffed it down the guard’s mouth as he restrained the striking limbs. A moment later the guard was secured and hidden away, and Ezekiel was checking the doors in the room. According to his directions he wanted to take the far right door, unfortunately, it was locked. He reached for his tool and immediately felt the crack running through it.

He came close to kicking the obstacle, but he knew that he needed to get into that room, without alerting the embassy that he was there. So he started looking around for something that he could use. After a brief search, he found a pin cushion with an array of sewing needles. He quickly collected a couple of them and began using them to unlock the door. It took him longer, but he was able to use the make-shift tools to gain access to the room.

Entering the room, Ezekiel smiled when he saw that his intelligence had been accurate. He quickly began searching through the files, and he eventually found the document he needed. It was all the evidence his superiors would need to prove that the ambassador was corrupt and using the embassy to traffic contraband into the city. He carefully removed the papers from the file and quickly perused the rest of the file. Once he finished, he returned the initial document knowing that the other paperwork was the corroborating evidence needed to ensure the ambassador’s dismissal.

Ezekiel knew the entire file would be useful quickly secured it into his bag. He quickly removed all the blatant evidence that he had been there and promptly began to make his withdraw. As soon as Ezekiel left the file room, he could sense a strike coming at his head. So he instantly dove forward just managing to avoid the blow. And without stopping he fluidly rolled to his feet and spun to face his assailant.

He was surprised to see the guard he had dealt with, but somehow he had managed to extricate himself from his confinement. The man was well muscled and just as tall as Ezekiel. As the two stood on opposite ends of the room, Ezekiel locked onto the man’s eyes and managed to see respect and anger feuding behind his opponent’s eyes. Ezekiel smiled as the man spoke plainly, “You know I can’t let you leave.”

“You’re welcome to try,” Ezekiel said as he shifted his feet sightly readying himself for his opponent’s new attack. When it came, Ezekiel easily sidestepped the initial strike only to get a knee into his already bruised ribs. Ezekiel grunted and grabbed the man’s neck pulling him close, and he began to land blows to his stomach and knees. The guard tried to deflect the strikes but was unable to keep up with Ezekiel’s relentless assault. Finally, Ezekiel managed to overcome the man’s defenses and his foot connected with the guard’s knee. As the guard collapsed Ezekiel clapped a hand over his mouth preventing a loud scream, while his other wrapped around the man’s throat. Within moments the guar’s breathing began to slow, “You did well, and I’m sorry you’ll be punished for this.”

When Ezekiel was confident that his worthy adversary was unconscious, he laid him upon the ground and quickly made his escape from the embassy without drawing more attention.