Tarian and his closet advisors were standing on the wall looking out at the massing horde of alien creatures. Using a telescope, Tarian was able to identify some of the creatures as trolls and goblins. Yet there were new creatures amongst them that looked just as terrifying. As he lowered the scope from his eye, Tarian looked over his shoulder and spoke to Keldon, loudly enough so everyone there could hear his concern. “Kel, there are already more out there than the last time we had to defend this wall.”

Keldon reached out for the scope his friend was offering and looked out over the massing force for himself. “Not only that, but it seems that we have new creatures to deal with.”


“So it does,” Tarian said grimly.

“We were barely able to hold last time,” Sherry said as she buried her head into her hands.

“What about our new friends?” Caleb asked, his voice still managing to cling to some hope.

“The Dwarves might help us,” Tarian said flatly.

“It would be nice to have some help,” Keldon said quickly.

Tarian turned around to look at those gathered around him, “And that’s your job Kel. We will cause a distraction, and while they’re busy with us, you will go find the Elves.”

“I still say that’s a terrible name for them.” Keldon said evenly before adding, “But I’ll do it.”

“And Caleb I want you to go and find the Dwarves and try to secure their assistance.”

Caleb nodded saying, “I’ll go prep my team…”




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