Harrison & Sylvia Part Three

Last month Harrison was introduced, and he displayed his desire to find a way to do what he loved, rather than be a slave to his father’s will. At least that was what he thought, this month we return to Harrison’s story to see how his life has changed as a result of his victory.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Three

Having achieved his lifelong dream of replicating a relic Harrison is ecstatic. Yet as he names his device, the Illuminator, his father dashes his hopes of aimlessly tinkering with relics when he informs his son that his Illuminator is going to be mass produced. Adding insult to injury, his father demands that Harrison replicate other relics for the same purpose, beginning with their own.

Leveraging the prestige his son’s device brings, Harrison’s father uses that influence attempting to give his son more relics to study. And for the first time, Harrison begins to understand just how deliberate his father is, no matter how callous it might make him.

After exhausting the relics on his family’s isle, Harrison is forced to refine his Illuminator for other purposes, while his father arranges a trip to the King’s Isle. As the scribe organizes meetings with some of the more prominent nobleman living on the King’s Isle, Harrison is hard at work crafting new designs for his Illuminator.

When Harrison finally arrives on the King’s Isle, he is unsure if he can achieve similar results. Come and discover if Harrison is able to satisfy his father’s desire for power and prestige.

Part Three

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