Elven Aid

Keldon stared at the arrows pointing at him. As he took a small step to look around him all the arrows were pulled back in their bows. Keldon raised his hands gesturing his surrender to their will. “I’m not looking for a fight.”

“Why are you here?” Asked one of the creatures holding the bows.

Keldon tried to take a step to face where the voice came from. And as his leg twitched an arrow embedded itself into the ground next to his leg. Keldon reached down and felt the torn fabric as he heard another voice echo in the dark forest. “You will not be warned again, do not move at all.

Elven Aid

Keldon wished that Tarian sent him off to contact the Dwarves. As Keldon studied the seven glinting arrows that he could see, he almost wished he was still on the walls staring down at the bestial horde. “I’m not an enemy,” Keldon cried out into the woods. “I came looking for an ally to help defend my people. A great horde of creatures is massing and threatens to overwhelm my friends. Please help us!”

The closest arrow in front of Keldon vanished from view. But Keldon could swear that he heard the bow being drawn. “You were told that we wanted nothing to do with your enemies.”

Keldon closed his eyes, “Yes, you told us that.”

“Then why did you forfeit your life by returning to our territory?”

Keldon took a deep breath through his nose, holding his breath for a moment. As he held that breath he thought about the question. Seconds later Keldon exhaled and opened his eyes to stare at the gleaming points in front of him. “With the force massed to attack our home, if we don’t get the help we need, we’ll die. So I was sent to try and find a potential friend. We hoped you would be willing to help us stave off annihilation. But I guess we were wrong.”

“So you risked your life because you were dead either way?” Asked a new voice.

Keldon shook his head, as he bellowed. “No, I risked my life on the chance that I might be able to survive this onslaught.”

“You said, you feared that your people are going to die.” Asked another elf.




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