The old man’s knuckles rapped softly on the door, and he took a step away from the door, waiting next to Darren. A few seconds later, the door flung open, and a lithe woman flew into Darren, wrapping her arms around him. A man followed on her footsteps and glared at the older man, “Who are you, and why do you have our son?”

The man inclined his head, “My name is Leodor Sultasar.” Lifting his head, he asked, “I assume you’re Darren’s parents. May I come in?”

“Oh,” Darren’s mother squeaked. “I’m sorry for my husband’s tone, we’re worried about Darren.”

Leodor nodded, “I understand, but we need to talk.


Darren’s father took a step inside, ushering everyone into the house, “Please come in.”

Walking inside, Leodor followed Darren’s parents to the dining room. They all sat down, and Darren’s father asked, “What would you like to talk to us about, Leodor?”

“Darren’s education,” Leodor replied, drumming his fingers along the table’s edge. “Birel, may I get a drink of water?”

“Certainly,” Birel answered. “Salazar do you want anything?”

“I’m fine dear,” Salazar said, focusing on the old man. “Why do you want to talk about his education?”

A slip of a smile formed on Leodor’s face as his fingers continued their beat. “Have you heard of The Academy?”

“No,” Salazar answered.

Birel placed a cup in front of the old man, “I have.”




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