Harrison & Sylvia Part Seven

Last month we followed Sylvia’s final efforts to prepare for Kameron’s celebration. She collected her equipment from Gregor. Then she went about securing the two paths that Kameron’s guard missed. Then we followed her actions during the celebration. This month we return to watch Harrison follow his latest investigation with a relic.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Seven

Harrison is at home and receives a visit from the King’s messenger. With a royal summons in hand, Harrison seeks out his father. His father takes the King’s missive and reviews it. Then he dispatches his son to King’s Isle with all haste. Within hours Harrison boards the family’s yacht and sets sail to the family’s home on the King’s Isle.

Upon Harrison’s arrival, the steward, Gabriel, hurries him to the King’s manner. After a lengthy wait, Harrison and the King exchanging pleasantries. Then the King hands Harrison a relic and a poignant demonstration. Come follow Harrison’s first interaction with the King of the Isles.

Part Seven

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