Harrison & Sylvia Part Eight

Last month we followed Harrison through his first audience with Jacob, the King of the Isles. The King tasked Harrison with replicating a relic. The King demonstrated the relic’s power, and Harrison pledged to replicate that power.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Eight

Fresh off his discovery, Harrison sends word to Jacob about the success. Shortly after posting the note, Jacob’s messenger arrives and invites Harrison to a private conversation with the King. During that discussion, Jacob informs demands an adequate demonstration of the alternative. Harrison must survive an encounter with a crossbow bolt.

At the King’s insistence, Harrison invites his father, Lucas Roth and Kylee to attend the event. But he also hides the truth behind the event by that same order. Over three weeks, Harrison crafts his suit that approximate the power of the stone. Come follow Harrison’s journey in proving that his creation will protect him.

Part Eight

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