Rising Tensions

After the elves drop Keldon with the humans, Tarian strives to get his friend the best medical care. Unfortunately, the injuries prove to be too severe to treat. Meanwhile, the alliance with the Elves and Dwarfs that Tarian orchestrated has not garnered anything. Right now, all Tarian wants is for his friend to live. And to do that he needs to gather all the information about these creatures. Will Tarian be able to collect the information necessary to save his friend? Or will he lose his friend?

Rising Tensions

Tarian entered the infirmary, striding to Keldon’s bed. Gripping his friend’s hand, he asked, “How’s he doing?”

The doctor lifted a pad and answered, “It’s not good.”

“Dalton, spit it out,” Tarian commanded squeezing Keldon’s.

Dropping his pad onto Keldon’s bed, Dalton replied, “He’s not going to make it.”

Closing his eyes, Tarian dropped Keldon’s hand and slammed his fists into the bed. “I want to find whatever did this to him.” Looking over his shoulder, he eyed Caleb saying, “What do we know?”

“Not much, no one else survived,” Caleb replied.

“Not good enough,” Tarian growled.

Caleb eased from the wall saying, “Keldon didn’t let us know where his team went.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “The Elves are the only reason he’s here.”

“I need answers,” Tarian muttered, collapsing into his chair.

“I can’t give you any,” Caleb started wringing his hands.

Slamming his hands together, Tarian rose and tore his attention away from Caleb. Tarian focused on Dalton and commanded, “Save his life.”




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