Harrison & Sylvia Part Ten

Last month, we witnessed Sylvia escape a dungeon designed for wizards and battle with a mercenary as well equipped as she is. She escaped her assailant, but she needed to recover before making her next move. And so for this month, we will continue following Sylvia’s story as she strives to understand what happened to her life.

![Harrison & Sylvia Part Ten](/writing/harrison-sylvia/series-01/harrison-sylvia-1.jpg)

Having recovered from her battle with the mysterious mercenary, Sylvia needs to escape the Central Kingdom. She understands that she needs more equipment to keep her one step ahead, and so she reaches out to Gregor. But Sylvia also needs to book passage away from the kingdom, and she has two modes open to her. She can trek across the open terrain or over the oceans.

Will she be able to arrange her flight? Or will the mysterious mercenary return and complete the job he started? And will she ever be able to identify her new enemies?

Part Ten

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