Waiting For Results

November has been slammed with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I vividly remembered when the genres for the month were selected. I gave them a few minutes of thought before jumping back to my challenge for the month. With another Political Satire on my list of things to write I jumped to the past catalog of NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenges and selected one prompt. Unfortunately, the story languished thanks to the challenge and a case of Shingles. Over the weekend, I started thumbing through current events when I came across something that caught my attention, and my imagination went wild. Last night, I whipped up the frame for the story that took place in a pizzeria and featured a helicopter.

Two fathers take their daughters to the local pizzeria. While the little ones are playing, the adults discuss the upcoming vote…

Waiting For Results

Gregory pushed the door open and ushered his daughter into the pizzeria. He pointed at his friends and whispered, “Can you see them?”

After a brief search Lucy exclaimed, “They are sitting next to the game room!” The little girl gripped her father’s hand, dragging him towards their friends, squealing, “Hi Beth!”.

Beth pelted out of the booth and met Lucy halfway. The girls latched upon each other before facing their parents. And in perfect unison inquired, “Can we go play in the game room?”

Lucy’s dad rubbed his eyes and glanced at his friend. “Do you care?”

Henry’s fingers stroked his chin in contemplation for a moment. Then he snapped his fingers and asked, “Will you two like sausage and mushrooms on your pizza?”

“Or pepperoni and peppers,” Gregory suggested.

Lucy and Beth gazed at each other with grim faces. Beth recovered first, stating, “We want cheese pizza.”

Henry lifted his menu and waved at the waiter. “Go play for a little while.”

The children beamed at Henry before rushing into the pizzeria’s game room.




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