Lost Chance

With November being slammed with NaNoWriMo, I knew that if I wanted to finish my next Patreon post done, I would have to burn the proverbial midnight oil. One reason I let myself get so wrapped up in the challenge was because of my second genre for November. I needed to craft my first romance. The other was because Survival has been a story that’s floated in my mind for a long time. But now that I won NaNoWriMo, I put the nearly finished project to the side to wade into the field of romance.

Wading through a past catalog of NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenges and selected a prompt. Once I picked the location and object, I let myself wander until a story took shape. With a rough draft in my mind, I started turning the concept into a complete tale. Late last night, or very early this morning, depending on your point of view, I put the finishing touches on my romance that took place in a conference room featuring a sea urchin.

Trevor watches Jasmine walk out of his life, leaving only a sea urchin key chain. After she leaves, Jessie comes to talk with his friend…

Lost Chance

Trevor sat alone at the conference table, clutching something in his hand, while Jessie leaned against the open doorframe. The lean man folded his arms and cleared his throat. “Is everything okay?”

“Jasmine walked out,” Trevor replied.

“I’m sorry, man.” He studied the room, adding, “Do you need me to cover for you?”

“No, I’m done for the day,” Trevor said, opening his fist, and a key chain tumbled free from his fingers. The spines jutted out from a central sphere, which let the small piece of plastic roll around before the ring and chain helped drag it to a stop.

Jessie sat down and pointed at the star-shaped thing. “What’s that?”

“I got this for Jasmine on our last vacation.”

“That did not answer my question,” Jessie commented drumming his fingers on the table.

Trevor leaned back into his seat and started twirling the key chain around his finger. “Just because you didn’t hear what you wanted doesn’t mean you did not get what you needed.”

“Fine,” Jessie replied through his fingers. Slowly he pulled his hand away from his face. “If you got it for her, why did she give it back to you months after the vacation?”




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