Harrison & Sylvia Part Eleven

Last month, we witnessed Sylvia’s attempted escape from the Central Kingdom. Unfortunately for her, the mysterious mercenary that injured her captured her. She is reunited with Kameron’s assassin and informed of her fate. Sylvia is to be exiles from their world so she will forever be denied her revenge. This month, we leave Sylvia’s story and return to Harrison’s tale.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Eleven

Harrison and the king are in the middle of a conversation about the tinkerer’s current project. When they finish the conversation, the king brings Harrison back to the gala to join his party. While he enjoys his time with Kylee and Lucas, the fourth member of the table does not care for him. After a short conversation, Harrison leaves the table to figure out the problem with his current project. While he appreciates the beauty of the gardens, lightning erupts in the night sky.

What is the lightning bringing to the Isles? What dangers will befall Harrison and the king?

Part Eleven

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