Harrison & Sylvia Part Twelve

Last month, we joined Harrison while he attended one of the King’s galas. While the other guests ate, drank, and danced the night away, the King strolled his corridors with Harrison. The two talked about Harrison’s work with his relics. After they finished their conversation, the King’s tinkerer returned to the festivities for a time. A freak lightning storm tore through the night’s sky, and a mysterious woman fell to earth. This month, we return our attention to Sylvia’s picking up her tale.

Harrison & Sylvia Part Twelve

Having been exiled from her home in the Central Kingdom, Sylvia wakes to find herself in a new dungeon. She is isolated in a strange new world unable to communicate with her unknown captors. Over the course of a week, various strangers teach her how to speak their language. One of her guards is genuinely kind, while her lead interrogator offers a smile while keeping her imprisoned. Sylvia’s confidence and determination drive her to absorb the new language while searching for her best means of escape.

Will she be able to flee her prison? Will she be able to survive in this world? Or will the King and his court keep this woman in chains?

Part Twelve

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