Liquid Assets

Between work and Christmas, December became just as hectic as November. But as Christmas approached, I knuckled down and focused on writing my Patreon posts. After the poll closed, I ended up with a Crime Caper, a Mystery and a thriller. As the twentieth came to a close, my mind started churning on what Jessica’s latest adventure might be.

Still working without a full name for my master thief, I went delving for this job’s prompt. After my search, I needed to work her latest heist into a vineyard and a laminator required to make an appearance. What valuables would a vineyard have? It took me a while, but I eventually leaned on an eccentric owner and his mythical buried treasure. With everything in place, I began crafting the outline of Jessica’s latest escapade. And before long, this heist took shape. With the tale finished come explore the mysteries of this crime.

Jessica’s current job drops her in a vineyard, searching for the owner’s treasure. With no concrete information, will she ever find it…

Liquid Assets

“What’s with all the security?” Jessica asked as she dropped a bunch of grapes into her basket.

The young woman beside her chuckled while her fingers inspected the grapes hanging before her. “The guards are here to protect the owner’s treasure.”

“His fortune?”

“Supposedly, the boss has a collection of rare gemstones hidden somewhere in the vineyard.” The worker plucked a cluster of grapes from the vine and eased them into her basket. The woman’s fingers resumed their search for ripened fruit. “Not entirely sure how much truth there is to that rumor.”

“Has a worker ever tried searching for the stones?” Jessica asked. “Or stumbled upon them?”

The woman gripped Jessica’s shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Don’t go down this path.”


“Everyone tries searching for that treasure,” the worker cautioned as she resumed her search for ripe fruit. After dropping a few more bunches into the basket, she rubbed her eyes. “That said, no one has located the supposed wealth.”

Jessica dropped a handful of grapes into her pile while her free hand clutched her stomach. “I’ll be back.”

“Are you okay?”




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