Weighing an Alibi

Fresh off the heels of Liquid Assets, I started exploring the second Patreon post of December. Just like with my Crime Capers, I have a character that stars in my mysteries, Kyle Rickman. His story began with Inception of Inception of Insight Investigations and has continued both here on my site and on my Patreon feed. Trying to cram a mystery into one thousand words is difficult and sometimes the discovery can be a little rushed, but I enjoy this challenge. With the character selected, I turned my attention to the crime he would be solving.

Ever since I discovered NYC Midnight, I’ve turned to their sites to pluck prompts for my flash fiction pieces. The somewhat random genres, locations, and objects help drive me with unique stories. And this time when I pulled a surveillance van and a helmet from the Mystery prompts, I didn’t know what I would do. But after some thought I came in at the tail end of the mystery and have Kyle and his assistant sitting in their van listening to a conversation between the police’s suspect and Kyle’s. Come and discover the results of Kyle’s investigation.

Kyle’s latest client maintains her innocence despite being the police’s most likely suspect. Will Kyle’s search for truth assist the client…

Weighing an Alibi

The investigator pulled a pair of bottles from the small ice chest and handed one to his assistant.

Opening it, the other man stared at the van’s walls and asked, “Do you believe this will work?”

Kyle twisted his open while listening to the conversation coming from Wendy’s concealed microphone.

“Wendy, it’s nice to see you.”

“Hey, Selina, can I come in?”

Gregory lowered his bottle, gripping it with both hands. “You shouldn’t have sent Wendy in there.”

“Why?” Kyle inquired, tapping the volume control.

“Are the police still hounding you?” Selina asked.

“They are, people love being lazy,” Wendy complained. “And I’m the easiest person to pin the murder on.”

“You’re convinced that Selina killed Jacob,” Gregory declared.




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