Updated Discord Server

Ever since February 2nd, 2019, when I posted my first Patreon post, Harrison & Sylvia Part One, I’ve had a Discord server. Unfortunately, like so many things, it got lost in the shuffle between my day job, my writing, and my family. But with the new year on the horizon, I buckled down and fleshed out what I wanted the server to look like. I borrowed some concepts from other servers, while I tinkered with a couple on my own. For the moment, I’m happy with what I’ve prepared.

While I’ve connected my Discord server to my Patreon page, and I have sections dedicated to those backers. There are a few sections that I’m keeping open for public use. So if you enjoy my writing, consider heading over to my server and delve into the literary worlds that I’m crafting. And if you want to access the protected tiers, consider backing me for $2.00 a month on Patreon.

Discord Logo