I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year. When I collected the votes from the Patreon Poll for January, I was excited to work on the Crime Caper. I’ve gotten a few of those recently, so I count on everybody being ready to revisit Jessica in her latest transgression.

I went through a couple of ideas before I even settled on the actual crime. I needed to introduce another character into Jessica’s life. And I wanted someone from her past to show up. I first thought about having her team up with someone, but she quickly vetoed that opinion. Then I tinkered with the notion of having her compete with this new individual. But that idea didn’t go anywhere. But I stuck to my guns and eventually realized that the person shouldn’t be a friend. Instead, it had to be an enemy. And with that, the story fell into place. Please sit back and relax as I guide you through Jessica Mosley’s latest misdeed.

Jessica’s current job reunites her with someone from her past. Will she be able to complete the job, or will this man’s grudge prevail…

Liquid Assets
I finally gave her a last name!